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''The Comedy Spot'' - Maggie (Unsold pilot)

Published 1960

An unsold pilot from 1958 called "Maggie", starring Margaret O'Brien. The pilot for the unproduced sitcom was shown on 29 August 1960 as part of the summer replacement series "The Comedy Spot", a series which presented various pilots for unproduced sitcoms.

Run time 29:17
Production Company McCadden Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: HaywardM - - February 11, 2013
Subject: Not bad at all
Surprisingly free spirited girl for the late 50's wearing pants several years before Laura Petrie (MTM)

May have finally aired in 1960 but the production date is 1957. It sat for that long.

To bad it never got picked up... it had potential.
Reviewer: Freestone Slice - - February 2, 2013
Subject: A shame this wasn't picked up
Genuine laugh-out-loud humor in the old 1950s style. "Maggie" feels alive in a way a lot of entertainment from the same era doesn't. Sitcoms are, after all, a series of rooms, but here we're exposed to a protagonist who shares our frustration in confinement and who lives a ridiculously rich mental life. The imagined courtroom scene near the end is the highlight of an already-entertaining half hour.
Reviewer: 1110babe - - December 5, 2012
Subject: Margaret was a cute teen
I wish she'd gotten a lot more work. She was quite good and didn't overact the overacting. :) Occasionally I could see a bit of her younger self in her delivery but most of the time I was watching as if she were an unknown actress.

The problem with this getting sold might have been that her character was nonstop annoying. It would have been smarter, perhaps, to give her some redeeming moments when we didn't want to throttle her as much as her parents and neighbors did.

There are some witty lines and if this had run a season or two it might have been much better. The show was creative and had potential.